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Community Team


Whether it’s your sports team, your book club, or your closest group of friends, rally up and begin fundraising to share a smile with children in developing countries suffering from a cleft condition.

We're here to support you all the way through and will provide you with tips and resources to meet (and exceed!) your goals. On registration, every team will receive a Longest Day certificate and promo materials to display to their team and customers. All it takes is as little as $240 to change a child’s entire life. Welcome to the movement!

Create a team fundraising page to give even more SMILES.

Create a team fundraising event now

Join in on the fun? Join a team fundraising page to give even more SMILES.

Join a team fundraising event now

Community Team Ideas

Lace up your runners!

Gather your group and hit the road! Set a goal around distance or time for a walk/run and fundraise with a promise to reach it.

Games Night

What better way to share a smile (and some laughs)! Get your community together for a group games night or afternoon.

Creative Challenges

Challenge your community to cut something out for the duration of your fundraising efforts. This can be anything from bad habits to your favourite snacks.

Bake Sale

Cookies = smiles. Who doesn't love freshly baked cookies? Pick a date, notify your neighbours and host a bake sale with proceeds going to help give a child a smile.