Whether it’s your student group, your roommates, or your classmates, rally up and begin fundraising to share a smile with children in developing countries suffering from a cleft condition.

We're here to support you all the way through and will provide you with tips and resources to meet (and exceed!) your goals. All it takes is as little as $240 to change a child’s entire life. Welcome to the movement!

Celebrating your event with a friend or group of people? Create a team fundraising page to give even more SMILES.

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Join in on the fun? Join a team fundraising page to give even more SMILES.

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Student Team Fundraising Ideas

Creative Challenges

Challenge your peers to cut something out for the duration of your fundraising efforts. This can be anything from between-class coffee to cookies from the cafeteria.

Get active

Join an after-school activity like intramurals or start your own physical challenge! Have each group member set a weekly goal (3 runs/week from the beginning of fundraising to June 21) and get out there!

Start a Book Club

While you might be bogged down with class readings, it never hurts to pick up something a little lighter! Start a fundraising book club with a wrap-up date of June 21.

Host a Movie Night

Take a study break and gather your peers on June 21 for a night full of your favourite feel-good movies! Fundraise your way to it and invite donors to make movie suggestions and be part of the fun.

Fundraising Resources

Don't forget, we’re here with you every step of the way! Use the resources below to help you and your group exceed your fundraising goals. Each resource contains tips and information around how to stay motivated, who you’re helping, how to recruit your team, how to thank those who donate among many more.