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Can I raise funds for Operation Smile Canada?

Yes, we encourage others to share the mission of Operation Smile and help to raise funds that will change children’s lives forever.

How do I get started?

If you are viewing this website, you've already taken the first step! After exploring this site, set-up your mySMILE fundraising page or reach out to us at mySMILE@operationsmile.org

How much time do I need?

How much time you put into your fundraising efforts and event planning is determined by you, remember the more effort you put forth the more successful you are.

Can Operation Smile Canada sponsor my event or reimburse me for the cost of holding my event?

No. Operation Smile Canada cannot sponsor, solicit sponsorship or reimburse expenses for your fundraising event.

How will the money be used?

A gift made through your fundraising efforts represents a gift to the entire Operation Smile mission. To help the most children, we use your gift where it can do the most good by pooling it with the gifts of others. We cannot accept restricted funding through general community events unless a larger organizational commitment is in place.

I would like to invite Operation Smile Canada supporters to my event. Can Operation Smile Canada provide me with a list?

To protect our donors’ confidentiality, Operation Smile Canada does not share our donor list.

However, with proper notice and planning, we can share your event details on our community social media channels.

Can I fundraise for Operation Smile Canada by selling a product?

Please contact our Community and Corporate Engagement Team by phone at 647-952-8085 or email us at mySMILE@operationsmile.org for more information about this type of activity. There are lots of rules and regulations regarding product sales.


Do I need to receipt the donors who make donations at the event?

Eligible donations will be receipted by Operation Smile Canada as appropriate and as possible depending on CRA guidelines. In order to provide a receipt which is required for tax purposes, the event organizer must provide Operation Smile Canada with a completed Donation Form. The completed Donation Form along with the funds should be delivered to Operation Smile Canada within 2 weeks post-event:

Operation Smile Canada
Attn: Community & Corporate Fundraising
375 University Ave, Suite 204
Toronto, ON M5G 2J5

I have sold tickets to the event. Is the ticket price tax deductible for the person who purchased the ticket?

Tickets sold to third-party fundraising events to benefit Operation Smile Canada are not tax deductible. Proceeds of raffles, draws or auctions for 3rd party events are also not tax deductible. Please advise when you are sending these types of funds so we can tag accordingly.

If someone wants to donate money, but not participate in the event, should I collect the money?

Absolutely, it is completely okay for you to collect any donation prior to the event and forward it to Operation Smile Canada with the remainder of the money you collect using the Donation Form. Donations can be completed by cheque or online through your mySMILE personal fundraising page (if applicable see operationsmile.ca/mySMILE for more details). Cheques should be payable to Operation Smile Canada.

Can I keep the cash collected and forward a cheque from my own chequing account?

Yes, however names and addresses and the amount the donor gave in cash must be entered on the Donation Form in order for them to receive a receipt. Please indicate any additional amount that you are including as your own donation so you can be properly receipted as well. Only gifts over $20 or more will be provided a tax receipt.

If I collect cash or cheques, who should I send it to?

It is not safe to send cash through the mail. You should convert the cash to a money order or deposit to your account and write a cheque to Operation Smile Canada. Bundle cheques together with the completed Donation Form and send to Operation Smile Canada. See address below.

What if a donor wants to donate after the event?

If the event is over and you have already submitted funds to Operation Smile Canada, donors can donate to your mySMILE fundraising page (if applicable), or send cheques to Operation Smile Canada. See address above. Your donor can also give a gift by credit or debit card by calling our Donor Relations team at 647-952-8085. When submitting by cheque or credit card, the donor should provide the event or organizer’s name. We will be happy to process their donation.

Can I keep some of the funds collected for expenses I incur?

Expenses should be paid before submitting your donation and should not exceed 25% of total amount raised. Operation Smile Canada cannot reimburse you for expenses. Total donation amount and total expenses must be reported to Operation Smile Canada. Tax receipts will only be given for eligible gifts.


  • All fundraising events and activities must fit the mission and support the image of Operation Smile Canada.
  • Operation Smile Canada does not endorse any events that include telemarketing, door to door requests, violent or dangerous activities, or the sale or promotion of tobacco products or illegal drugs.
  • If another organization, in addition to Operation Smile Canada, will benefit from the fundraising event, we require notification in advance.
  • A gift made through fundraising represents a gift to the entire Operation Smile mission. To help the most children, we use your gift where it can do the most good by pooling it with the gift of others.
  • To protect our donors’ confidentiality, Operation Smile Canada does not share its donor list.
  • Operation Smile Canada cannot guarantee a speaker, representative or celebrity for your event.
  • Operation Smile Canada cannot sponsor, solicit sponsorship or reimburse expenses for your fundraising event.
  • Please let us know if you recruit underwriters/sponsors for your event to avoid any conflicts with our own solicitation efforts.
  • Operation Smile Canada cannot by law provide a tax receipt for the donation of goods or services to your event.
  • Operation Smile Canada reserves the right to approve the use of our name and logo on all promotional materials, including items such as flyers, posters, websites, etc. in advance of their use.
  • Fundraisers must have promotional materials reviewed and approved by Operation Smile Canada before they can be used. All of your promotional materials must indicate: 1) Operation Smile Canada is not the event sponsor. 2) Funds are being raised by you/your organization to benefit Operation Smile Canada.
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  • The fundraising event or organizer/sponsor/organization agrees to indemnify, refund and hold Operation Smile Canada harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities damages, recoveries and deficiencies, including interest, penalties and reasonable attorney’s fees that shall be incurred or suffered by Operation Smile Canada which arise, result from or relate to the fundraising event or appeal, the organizer/sponsor/organization’s performance of its agreement as specified in these guidelines.
  • All expenses associated with the event are the responsibility of the fundraiser of the event. Expenses should not exceed 25 percent of the gross revenue.
  • The event organizer will notify Operation Smile Canada of the portion of donation, event ticket price or amount of proceeds (either the percentage or actual amount) that will be directed to Operation Smile Canada.
  • The event organizer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses or insurance.
  • Operation Smile Canada must be notified if there are any significant changes to the event/campaign once it has been approved. If circumstances warrant, Operation Smile Canada may at any time direct you to cancel the event or fundraising activity. You must abide by the decision of the organization and agree to cancel if directed.
  • Review the Fundraising Donation FAQ. We have very specific information on how participants in your fundraising activity can receive a tax receipt for their donation to Operation Smile Canada. Within 14 days of your completed fundraising event or activity, please send a final accounting of income and expenses along with your proceeds to Operation Smile Canada. Please include the contact information for individuals and organizations that need receipts for tax purposes. Details can be found in the Fundraising Guidelines section above.


  • A letter to verify your approval to fundraise on behalf of Operation Smile Canada.
  • A mySMILE Fundraiser Toolkit that includes approved materials with our logo.
  • Tax receipts will be issued for donors as long as specific receipting information as required (full name and mailing address required) is provided and you guarantee that the donation was not for ticket sales, raffles or draws.
  • Access to online personal fundraising page (i.e. mySMILE page) to process gifts.

Please copy all forms for your records before sending to us. For questions regarding the submission of fundraising revenue, call (647) 696 - 0600. All eligible contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law. Gifts given online to mySMILE fundraising pages are receipted immediately to the donor by email!

Operation Smile Canada Charitable Registration #84064 3605 RR0001.