Team Fundraiser


Create some fun and healthy competition in your workplace by challenging your co-workers to a fundraising challenge. Create a team or join an existing team, plan your activities and/or events and start collecting donations.

Join An Existing Fundraising Team

Amp up your fundraising by creating a team and have your colleagues join you as team members. Watch the fundraising meter hit it's target faster as you are all working towards a team fundraising goal.

Create a Fundraising Team

Fundraising Ideas

Out-of-office Activities

Add some swing to your day or climb to new heights by organizing a mini-golf or rock-climbing afternoon. Create teams and compete to get the lowest score or collectively climb the rock-wall the fastest. Let your inner-child shine and plan an out-of-office activity.

Dress Down Days

Jeans on Friday are great, but mid-week dress down days are even better. Donate funds to dress down midweek. Host monthly mid-week dress down days and collect funds throughout the year.

Bake Sales

Take turns in the office hosting bake sales. Cookies, cupcakes, cake… you can’t go wrong with a little sugar pick-me-up.

Employer Matching

Matching gifts can sometimes double or even triple your donation. Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Reach out to your company’s Human Resources department to find out more.

Fundraising Resources

Whether you are fundraising online, or prefer to fundraise in person and on paper, we have the tools you need. Download our fundraising event resources kit here. Or, contact us at 647-696-0600 or to request a free resource kit be sent to you in the mail. The kit includes: