Honour that special someone or celebrate an occasion by sending a donation and an e-card. Whether you want to keep the memory of a passed loved one shining bright or recognize a loved one still with you, making a donation in their name is simple and meaningful.

It's a win-win situation: You let your family and friends know you are thinking about them and you get to gift a new smile to a child.

Send a tribute e-card Donation required

Choose an e-card from our selection and send it along with a message to let the honouree know you have made a donation in their honour.


In Memory

Honour the passing of a loved one by making a donation to Operation Smile Canada in lieu of flowers or other gifts. Giving a new smile to a child in need is a powerful way to honour the life of those who made you smile.

That Special Smile

Is there someone in your life who always makes you SMILE? Make a donation in honour of that special someone who inspires you to SMILE every day.


Upcoming holiday? Celebrating a special moment? Recognize the occasion with a donation to Operation Smile Canada and send an e-card to the recipient to let them know you have gifted a child a new smile in lieu of a present.

Fundraising Resources

Whether you prefer to fundraise online, in person or on paper, we have the tools you need. Download our fundraising event resources kit here. Or, contact us at
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